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West Bengal  Tour Packages

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West Bengal Tour Packages

West Bengal  Visit Bundles

West Bengal Visit Bundles
” A Place that is known for Art,Culture and Legacy”
From the popular lines ” Ekala Cholo Re” by Rabindranath Tagore to the divine Baul music going worldwide today, the specialty of Bengal includes various moves, compositions, mold and different types of craftsmanship. The nationality in the craft of Bengal is the main fascination around the world.
Handlooms and materials of each and every area in Bengal have its own story. Santiniketan is the best option of the vacationer to investigate the craft of West Bengal.
The ‘adda culture’ is a vital part of the regular routines of individuals in the state. Individuals accumulate in gatherings and talk. These gatherings can be seen on numerous intersections across the roads of each and every city and town of West Bengal
The province of West Bengal lies in the eastern locale of India rambling from the Himalayas in the north to the Sound of Bengal in the south. When the focal point of English frontier exercises of India, it actually has hints of the English time reflecting in its engineering and old legacy structures. West Bengal the travel industry has shown development in the beyond couple of years with the blend of ethnic and current winning in the way of life and a wide number of vacation destinations

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West Bengal

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