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Located just off the southern tip of Malaysia the wonderful city of Singapore is every tourist’s retreat. The vibrant city is full of interesting elements which would definitely be an experience of a lifetime. Along with the colorful day time the nightlife of Singapore has a personality of its own. You truly have to be there to fully be a part of the magical vibe of Singapore. The perfect place for family vacation, honeymoon holiday or an outing with your group of friends, this island city has something for everyone. If you are looking for a place to visit without spending a bomb then Singapore is the holiday destination you are looking for.

This magnificent place is probably the landmark of Singapore and is a true mark of expert architectural brilliance. This place also consists of an integrated resort which allows you to experience the bay at its fullest. Complete with shopping malls, art and science museum and exhibition centres a visit to this place will allow you to have a complete exotic experience. One of the most defining features here is the infinity pool that connects the two towers here. Truly a remarkable work of art.

How to Reach: 20 minutes of road journey distance from Singapore 
Located inside the famous face of Singapore, Merlion Park this white statue of a tiger-faced fish spouting water in a fountain manner is one of the must-visit destinations for tourists visiting. A lot of people flock here to have one of the most memorable times by the sea and capture incredible moments here. The statue is 8.6 metres tall and is a mythological figure of Singapore which makes you come in touch with t

How to Reach: 30 minutes journey from Singapore airport
Things to Do: Take pictures by the statue, take a stroll by the bay, visit the waterfront, devour on some delicious Singapore delicacies etc.How to Reach: 20 minutes from Singapore airport Things to Do: Visit fountain of wealth, Water Sports Activities, Boat 

A treat for Buddhists and one of the prime Buddhist Pilgrimage destinations in the world people flock from all over the place to offer their prayer to the tooth relic of Lord Gautam Buddha. The temple complex boasts of incredible spirituality and serenity and is built in the best architectural form that emanated pure Buddhism in all directions. The complex is situated in the district of china town and represents the truest face of religion and spiritualism.

This one is one of the most surreal green Oasis in the urban city of Singapore. It is created as an effort by the Singaporean government to embrace greenery and spread the word of saving the environment in their own unique and high-tech manner. The futuristic park seems like something straight out of a Sci-Fi Movie and consists of a Supertree Grove that looks like a collection of magical giant and towering trees.

This place will definitely remind you of the London eyes and visiting here will allow you to get an aerial view of the city of Singapore from high above. This is a Ferris wheel that works best as an observation tower and allows you to have some of the most panoramic and picturesque views of the surrounding beauty of Singapore. Before the opening of the Ferris when in Las Vegas this magnificent Ferris was known for being the world’s tallest Ferris wheel standing tall at a height.

Things to Do: Observe the world from above, witness the majestic sunset, have a thrilling ride to the top etc.
Also popularly named as the double helix bridge and it is a wonderfully decorated pedestrian bridge that links the marina centre with the marina bay region of Singapore. This place is a landmark destination by the Benjamin Sheares Bridge and can be reached by a vehicular bridge that is illuminated entirely by twinkling lights. The entire bridge is whimsically decorated and allows you to have a memorable experience here. The design of the entire bridge stands out amongst the top tourist attractions in Singapore.

How to Reach: 20 minutes of road journey from Singapore airport
Things to Do: Walk on the bridge, get a view of the rrefreshing stroll, 
 Located within the glam region of Kampong in close vicinity to the famous tourist hub of Arab street, this mosque is one of the most stand out feature in various places of attraction. This place of worship is considered to be one of the most famous and significant mosques of Singapore and is visited by a throng of tourists and locals on a daily basis. This is the first mosque that was built by the sultan in 1824 and continues to maintain its sanctity.

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