Socalgas Union Agreement

The Southern California Gas Company, also known as SoCalGas, recently reached a new four-year union agreement with the Utility Workers Union of America Local 132.

Under this new agreement, which was ratified in late June, members of the union will receive wage increases each year for the next four years. Additionally, SoCalGas has agreed to provide increased healthcare coverage for employees and their families.

This agreement comes after several months of negotiation between the two parties. While the negotiations were mostly amicable, there were some disagreements over wages and healthcare benefits. However, both sides were ultimately able to come to an agreement that satisfied both parties.

The new agreement is good news for both SoCalGas and its employees. In recent years, the company has faced criticism for what some have called inadequate pay and benefits for its workers. With this new agreement, employees will receive fair compensation for their work, and will be able to access better healthcare options for themselves and their families.

For SoCalGas, this agreement is an important step in improving employee morale and ensuring that it remains a competitive player in the energy industry. The company has faced several challenges in recent years, including a natural gas leak in 2015 that resulted in the evacuation of thousands of residents and the closure of two nearby schools. By reaching a fair agreement with its workers, SoCalGas is demonstrating its commitment to improving its operations and fostering a positive relationship with its employees.

Overall, the new union agreement between SoCalGas and the Utility Workers Union of America Local 132 is a positive development for both parties. It ensures fair wages and healthcare benefits for employees, while also helping SoCalGas maintain its standing as a leading energy company in Southern California.