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One of the astonishing and most famous Chandigarh traveler places is the Legislative center Complex. It is ostensibly the most visited locales in Chandigarh and it is found is Area 1. The Chandigarh State house Complex brags of being the seat of Legislature of both Haryana and Punjab. It includes the Gathering, the Secretariat, and the High Court. The mathematically adjusted substantial structures that structure the complex carefully arise out of the earth to frame what can be named as an engineering wonder or marvel.
The amazing engineering plan of the State house Complex is credited to prestigious modeler and fashioner, Le Corbusier. As per the underlying plan of the mind boggling, there is an arranged fourth structure to supplement the three current buildings that structure the Regulative gathering, the High Court, and the Secretariat. The fourth structure is expected to be Lead representative’s Castle, the Raj Bahavan, or a Historical center of Information. In any case, these plans have not yet come into realization but rather the fascination actually remains as a magnificent amazing sight. The three existing structure of the State house Complex in any case stand magnificently as a portrayal of the sanctuaries of a vote based system in a cutting edge and free India.
On their most memorable visit to the Legislative hall Complex, travelers are invited by the dazzling Open Hand Landmark which is midway situated inside the complex. The Open Hand Landmark was additionally planned by the unbelievable designer who planned the whole intricate, and this great metallic figure likewise bends over as the authority Chandigarh image. The whole mind boggling was worked from the year 1951-1959 start with the High Court, trailed by the Secretariat, lastly the Official Get together.

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